Diverse. Competent. Individual.

Whether in consulting, development or operative application – working at Tiba-Tech means taking on diverse and challenging tasks as part of an outstanding team, across all industries and technologies.

In addition to our service functions, our employees are typically active in 3 roles and at different skill levels:

  • The Project Management System Analyst (PM-SA) forms the interface between the business side and IT during the SW evaluation or the conception, realization, and implementation.
  • The Project Management Software Engineer (PM-SE) is responsible for the preparation of a specification, technical design, software realization, and implementation up to the project management for system technical solutions of tool-supported project management.
  • The Project Management Operations Consultant (PM-OP) is operationally active in application, technical development, and maintenance. The PM-OP is active in the optimization of process quality, project planning & control.