For over 23 years we successfully optimized tool-supported project management for companies of all industries, sizes and organizational forms – in methods, processes and technology. Our solutions are tailor-made and practical, focusing on the diverse requirements of our customers.

When finding solutions, we include general methods that have been successfully tested in the industry, but always think innovatively and beyond the horizon of proven approaches. We understand both the language of IT and the language of the specialist areas, and in our development process we build the bridge between both worlds.

As experts in consulting and technical development, we remain at your side as your right-hand where others stop: our services range from the analysis of the current situation to the successful application by your employees. You decide how far we accompany you. We maintain strong partnerships with software manufacturers but are always unbiased in our choice for you.

With us you receive an individual and turnkey result from one source.

This leaves more time and capacity for to focus on the essentials in your company.

An investment in your future.

Current state analysis

Choosing the right tool to support project management is a big challenge for many companies. Organizational, methodological, cultural, and technical conditions, respective requirements, can be set by analyzing the current state. The outcome of the study forms the basis for designing an effective and efficient configuration for tool-based project management.

It is important to take both weaknesses and strengths into account. Ultimately, the success of a tool is determined by its capabilities to improve processes and its seamless integration into a company.

The analysis of the current state is also used as the basis and preparation for a possible software evaluation. In this case, change management is utilized to initiate necessary changes. Further measures can be taken, based on additional analyses of procedural and methodological deficits.

This approach facilitates the decrease of conflict potential between involved stakeholders as well as the differentiated consideration of tool-independent issues.

Requirements & Solution

All relevant requirements should be precisely formulated to evaluate and select the right tool for the support of project management. In addition, they should be derived and documented with processes and use cases. Tiba Technologieberatung guarantees a swift tool selection with the expertise of past implementation projects.

The gradual selection evaluates the basic character of tools, coverage of requirements and also meaningful integrations and extensions. This approach minimizes the risk of an extensive introduction and increases user acceptance.

Manufacturer presentations are conducted with a predefined agenda and highlight the main differences between identified solutions. This transparently shows similarities and emphasizes the differentiation by a fair and independent partner with experience and detailed knowledge.

From the beginning this process involves both IT and specialist departments, which contributes to mutual understanding.

Implementation & Roll-Out

After a PM software has been sufficiently evaluated it is necessary to implement it successfully.
A structured plan for the implementation strategy that considers the complexity of the solution as well as the customer’s needs, while reducing the risk of adoption is needed.
Based on numerous years of experience, Tiba Technologieberatung has scalable as well as measurable best practice approaches for efficient & effective software implementation.
Key success factors are:

  • the releases of applications are productive at scheduled times, i.e. the implementation will be realized according to plan.
  • guarantee that expectations of all stakeholders will be considered, thus reducing the potential for conflicts between involved stakeholders.
  • the application is understood, accepted, and applied by the users.
    User trainings for the new tool start after the implementation and are accompanied by change management.

Operation & Support

After the successful introduction of new software, it is important to ensure a smooth operation.

Tiba Technologieberatung supports you in the go-live support immediately after the introduction of a new system as well as in later phases in the operation of your project management software. At your request, we can also take over the ticket system. The service level agreements for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support are regulated in detail, whereby a timely and orderly processing of all tickets can be ensured. The editor of the ticket system has excellent knowledge of the functional processes and the use of the PM software. Outsourcing the 1st and 2nd level support relieves internal resources and associated contacts ensure continuity.

Our capabilities include all aspects of technical support, among others, server maintenance and data administration.